Wedding Makeup For Blue Eyes

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Wedding Makeup For Blue Eyes

Blue eyed princesses can sift below and find out what kind of eye makeup will look best for them

Your eyes can be enhanced in a wide variety of ways and eyeshadow can create a powerful illusion if used correctly. Eyes are the first feature evidently to age and finding out how to enhance them for the wedding day is therefore a significant part of the application.

With regards to bridal make-up you have two basic choices, you may either choose to decorate your vision using fashionable colours or create illusion in your eyes using light and dark neutral shades. On younger eyes fashionable colours and classy applications look interesting/fun and highlight the make-up creating a strong statement. However, on ageing eyes, very colourful shadows or high shine shadows, look odd and make the eyes look older. Regardless of what your choice, always be sure that your eye area continues to be concealed and powdered. Eyeshadow always looks more blended and fresher on the well concealed and powdered surface also it lasts hours longer. You won’t ever see the true hue of an eye shadow if it’s applied directly on your eyelid skin, since the skin is slightly uneven in colour. The concealer and powder brings your eye lid skin to a neutral shade, ready for eyeshadow.

Planning Bridal Makeup

Bridal makeup should cause you to appear radiant and beautiful inside your wedding photographs. The wedding makeup will depend on many factors – in which the wedding is to be held and duration of the ceremony. Morning wedding makeup ought to be more natural as an excessive amount of makeup would appear very jarring. Light colors go well for that mornings. If you are planning a night time wedding, your bridal makeup can extend to formal and darker colors. Don’t opt for current makeup styles simply to keep with the trend. Instead choose a bridal makeup style that’s more timeless and classic. The makeup should cause you to appear healthy and never artificially overdone. The face shape, structure and color combined with the bridal dress and hairstyle have to be complemented to the bridal makeup.

Wedding Makeup For Blue Eye

Wedding Makeup For Blue Eye

Begin with your skin and eyebrows and nails. Eyebrows should be trimmed a couple of days before the wedding. Ensure that you consume a healthy skin care routine within the months leading to the marriage so that your skin glows. Check out the beauty products in advance lest you develop an allergic reaction to them. You can locate a wedding makeup professional by perusing the phone book or one recommended with a friend or colleague. Browse the portfolio of the makeup artist. Discover the make up brands getting used. Look through fashion magazines and wedding makeup albums to pick a style that would suit you should. Each culture and society has its own traditional bridal dress and makeup style.

Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes

Celebrities like Alexis Bledel and Reese Witherspoon provide gorgeous blue eyes, plus they (or should we say, their makeup artists) have mastered the skill of making their eyes stick out on the red carpet. Whether or not they choose a smoky eye turn to make their blue eyes look more dramatic or perhaps a soft shimmer to create the blue really pop — their eyes often get to be the best accessory towards the gorgeous gowns they wear.

Because we do not want to let celebrities have the fun, we spoke to Matin, celebrity makeup artist and Neutrogena cosmetics science expert, about how exactly you can enhance your blue eyes. The important thing: you don’t want to “drown out the natural beauty from the eye pigment,” Matin says. Works out, all it takes are a few simple makeup ideas to avoid that. Browse the celebrity makeup looks we dug up and employ Matin’s tricks to make your eyes shine as bright as you possibly can.


While you might think that eyeshadow should suit your wedding attire, choosing this method can be counterproductive. Your skills color and hair ought to be the focus of this kind of makeup. In this, brown, violet and lavender is best. Apply violet eyeshadow for your eyelids, specifically the lid and crease. Use brown to brighten the area from the crease for your eyebrow.


Black eyeliner is one thing you should always avoid for those who have blue eyes and blond hair, since it makes the contrast too strong. Brown or gray eyeliner is usually recommended instead. There are many subcategories to select from within this group. For instance, you can use taupe, chocolate brown or light brown eyeliner. Many of these will call focus on your blue eyes and match your hair color too, making you stand out.


Since blond hair and blue eyes fall under a light category, your lipstick also needs to reflect this attribute. In this instance, very light colors, for example beige and pink, fit well with blue eyes. Another options include mauve, plum and reddish-brown. Avoid strong colors, like red, because this does not contrast well with your fair features.


Just like lipstick, blush ought to be fairly light to fit your blue eyes and blond hair. For the cheeks, opt for colors like peach, light bronze and lightweight pink. Additionally, it is best that you use blush on other areas of your face, as if your nose and forehead. Essentially, combine it with any part where the bones inside your face protrude, to produce an even, smooth look.


With regards to mascara for blue-eyed blonds, the choice is rather simple. A regular black mascara can help draw attention to your eyes, together with your other makeup choices. However, be careful when applying this for your lashes. Since your locks are blond, any residual black mascara that touches hair will be blatantly visible.

Base Makeup

Like a blue-eyed blond, it is important to choose the best base makeup and concealer for the fair skin. To that particular end, a yellow concealer will effectively hide circles beneath your eyes and suit your light complexion. Foundation could be a bit more varied. The building blocks you use is dependent on how fair the skin is, and what type of undertones it possesses. However, knowing your undertones, match your foundation together with your complexion. For example, in case your fair skin includes a pinkish hue into it, apply a pink foundation.

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