The Best Eye Shadow Colors for Brown Eyes Makeup

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The Best Eye Shadow Colors for Brown Eyes Makeup

You want to use an eye shadow for brown eyes that’s as different as possible from your natural eye color.

A great eye shadow for brown eyes will help you play up certainly one of your best features. Your exotic looks certainly make heads turn and get people talking, in a good way. Choosing an eye shadow color that enhances your skin and eye color is essential to looking foxy. The incorrect makeup can clash with your face, however when you use the correct color, it brings out your eyes and looks naturally lovely against your skin.

You want to use an eye shadow that’s as different as you possibly can from your natural eye color. You can use warmer or cooler shades with respect to the occasion, the time of day, and your desired look.

There’s a variety of eye shadows which you can choose from and here we have enlisted some of the perfect colour eye shadows which could bring out the beauty in your eyes. There isn’t any better way to highlight the beauty of your eyes without using the right shade of eye shadow to your brown eyes.


Brown to choose brown eyes, the first best choice of colour eye shadow. The brown eye shadow is easily the most obvious and popular shade for brown eyes. This will depend upon the color of your brown eyes if it’s dark or light brown after which choose the eye shadow shade. If you have light brown eyes, pick up a color that falls between medium to dark shades of brown like this of mahogany or copper. For dark brown eyes choose a light shade of brown like basic beige and tan.


Give your eyes a flirty and female feel by donning a sultry purple shade. Lavender, plum and similar purples will create a sexy contrast between your eyes and your lids, which looks seriously chic. Lining your eyes with black eyeliner bakes an even more dramatic look, that is perfect for a hot date or event that you need to look your very best.


Almost all metallic shades (bronze, gold and copper) look excellent on brown eyes, but bronze should be a staple. The deep, bold color can be used to remove any ‘flecks’ of gold or yellow you may have in your brown eyes to make them really stand out. Bronze pairs really well with green eyeshadow, another excellent option for those with brown eyes makeup.


Nothing quite draws focus on the eye area as effectively as blue. If your brown eyes really are a warm, nearly orange or red tone, then blue eye shadow may be the perfect complement.

Eye Sadow Colors for Brown Eyes

Eye Sadow Colors for Brown Eyes


To really make your eyes stand out and grab some serious attention, decide on a shade of green. Forest and dark greens give your eyes a pop of color and complement the green undertones in your skin. Emerald and other bright greens may look a little cartoonish, so stick with the darker shades and you will come out looking like a star.


To provide yourself a smoky eye look, opt for gray, which creates a sizzling look that’s bold and super seductive. Gray complements dark skin and eyes. Add black mascara and eyeliner for any bolder look.

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