Smokey Eyes Makeup Tips

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Smokey Eyes Makeup Tips

Smokey eye makeup is a quick and easy technique to make use of when you have someone to impress.

For some of us, makeup does not come effortlessly. Regardless if you are a beginner who wants a basic eye makeup tutorial, or perhaps a makeup fan looking for inspiration regarding how to get the Jlo glow, the makeup tutorial section will certainly help you out!

When you want to look your best, you have to pay special attention to your makeup. Smokey eye makeup is a quick and easy technique to make use of when you have someone to impress. Follow these easy steps and you’ll soon have a sexy and smoldering locate a night out on the town.

The smokey eyes look is super hot! Must from the celebrities and non-celebrities are obsessed with this beautiful and sultry look. Obtaining the perfect smokey eyes takes only a few minutes and it is so simple to do. Follow these step by step instructions watching the makeup tutorials and smokey eyes tutorials. You may also get Kim Kardashian sultry and sexy smokey eyes look. Make sure to have the essential tool like the right brushes and eye shadow powders.

  • Prepare eyelid with shadow base or primer. Keep the eyelid oil-free because the eye shadow start melting into eyelid crease because the day goes on. Therefore start with primer as this will prevent shadow from fading.
  • Smokey Eyes Makeup Tips

    Smokey Eyes Makeup Tips

    If you would like typical black, brown and grey Smokey eye makeup then apply liner in a single of those colors from first inner eye lash to outer corner on top and bottom, draw thick line in the center of eye. If you want for a jewel-toned eye then you can use purple, blue or deep green liner. Gel or creamy eyeliner pencil supply you a perfect look.

  • Blend different colors in bottom lashes allow it a full smudge effect. You need to coat eye shadow brush with deep accent shadow color and brush into crease of eye. Apply eye shadow in V-shape toward outer corner of eye then right down to create a Smokey effect.
  • You can combine a lighter base with darker tone. Stroke an easy shimmery shadow over lids of the brow bone.
  • You can use darker or blended eye shadows according to your choice. Blend brush into eye shadow color and employ it on your lash line, blend up until eye liner disappears. Only blend colors into lash but avoid from deep colors into crease.
  • Finish your eye makeup with several coats of mascara. You need to use good quality mascara. If you are applying dark constitute then put focus on either eyes or lips this is not on both.

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