Most Wonderful Eye Makeup Tips for Dramatic Look

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Most Wonderful Eye Makeup Tips for Dramatic Look

If you want to look beautiful, you can experiment with makeup for the eyes. Dramatic eye makeup ideas will help you look attractive.

Eyes are the part of your face where you can experiment with the makeup as much as you can. Makeup tips can be used to accentuate and highlight your eyes as much as possible. Dramatic eye makeup is a popular trend that gives your eyes some serious pop. It’s perfect for a night out on the town. This monsoon, you can look your best with dramatic eye makeup ideas. In this article, we will discuss some makeup tips for eyes.

Purple and Black

Do you like to be the goth queen? Enhance your looks with a purple and black combination of eye shadows. Add fake eyelashes to increase its volume. Use a glittering mascara to give a shining appearance to your eyelashes. This is surely a dramatic eye makeup idea to go for.

Metallic Eye Makeup

Metallic eye shades are the ideal shades to try when you want to have a bridal or a glamorous look. For a dramatic beauty, a wonderful makeup idea for you is to go for metallic eye makeup in a mix of silver and gold eye shades. Complete you dramatic look with black eyeliner in cat eye style and look bold.

White And Grey Eyes

Here is a new makeup idea for you. Just like the black and golden eye makeup, white and gray eyes can also make you look flawless. This is a fabulous makeup idea for the ladies with bold brows. The eye makeup in white and gray with bold brows and black cat eyeliner will make you look really rocking.

The Peacock Eyes

Have you ever seen the feather of a peacock? To make your eyes look as beautiful as its feathers, use a stroke of dramatic Eye makeup idea. Apply green, icy blue, brown and grey eye shadow on the eyelids. You must use a eyeliner of any of these colours and thicken your eyelashes for a dramatic eye makeup idea.

Red And Blue Makeup

Red and blue color always remains the favorite color of the women. For a daytime casual party, it is a wonderful idea to try red and blue eye makeup with red lips and the back eyeliner. If you are going for this bold makeup look, do not forget to highlight the cheekbones for an outstanding look.


Are you an angel? You can make your eyes look angelic by using this dramatic eye makeup idea. Use a white eye shadow on both your upper and lower eyelid. Increase the volume of your eyelashes by using a thick black mascara and black eyeliner for the eyes.

Smoky Eyes

The best way to make your eyes look attractive is by making it smoky. Use a black eyeliner, dark grey coloured eye shadow and apply a layer each on the particular region of the eyes. Now, apply one more coat of white on top of the eyelids. This is the best dramatic eye makeup ideas to go crazy for.

Tools of the Trade

Here are some innovative yet simple tips pertaining to the use of different tools such as eye pencil, shadow, liner, and mascara, for getting that “look”. So check out these dramatic eye makeup ideas, which are sure to increase your sex appeal.

Eye Makeup Primer: Primer keeps your eye makeup on your lid. It keeps eyeshadow and eyeliner from running or smudging, even if you’re sweating or in a humid climate. Not deep sea diving, though, unless you’re wearing goggles.

Dramatic Eye Makeup Ideas

Dramatic Eye Makeup Ideas

Eye Liner: Start with applying a thick line over your upper eyelashes, from the inner corner of the eyes. Extend the liner beyond the outer corner, upward towards the brows, stopping just below them. Now, apply the liner to the lower lashes. In the lower lashes, a thin line should be made and it too should go beyond the outer corner of the eye. Unlike the upper line, it should be kept straight.

Dramatic Eyeshadows: It’s very hard to pull off dramatic eye makeup in beige and light mauve. Try to go for a few shades darker than what you’re used to, or else a number of similar, brightly colored eyeshadows. Above all, though, make sure the eyeshadow flatters your skin tone; a dramatic color in the wrong shade can seriously cramp your style.

Mascara: While giving a dramatic look to the eyes, remember to apply two to three, thick coats of black mascara to the lashes so that they look big, and hence give the eyes an enlarged effect. Always apply the mascara using inner to outer strokes.

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