Mineral Makeup Tips for Women

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Mineral Makeup Tips for Women

When mineral makeup first came out, people either loved or hated it.

Many women use make up as a mask to appear beautiful or to hide their emotions or like a band-aid to cure their appearance problems. They use make up to cover up for his or her lack of self-esteem and other self-confidence related problems. True, traditional make up enables them to to cover up their problems for a while just like a band-aid but the wound can still simmers underneath the band-aid. On the other hand mineral makeup application acts as a band-aid but since it’s mineral, it also helps heal in the process.

When mineral makeup first arrived on the scene, people either loved or hated it. In the early years, mineral-based makeup only arrived powder form and was for foundation only. Now, mineral-based makeup comes in powder, liquid, and gloss forms for that face, eyes, cheeks, and lips.

Apply a moisturizer before using mineral makeup. Even people with oily skin may experience some dryness and flaking when utilizing this type of makeup. Applying a moisturizer with beauty will make skin look softer and supply protection from the sun.


Before you apply anything, you need to cleanse your facial skin, only you’ll be able to use moisturizer. Moisturizer, which is must for those seasons, not only moistens your skin but additionally provides the base for the makeup.


Not many women have flawless skin, that’s why concealer is very important cosmetic product. It will help to produce smooth color tone. Concealer is used to cover up blemishes like brown spots and patches. Concealer sticks are extremely popular as they are easy to apply.


You need to be very careful to choose the right foundation for the skin type. Remember, water base foundations are suitable for oily skins, while creamy based foundations are for dry skin. You need two different foundations, one for the day and something for the evening. The foundation you select must be closer to your skin tone. Blending foundation is extremely important. Use fingers or sponge to apply foundation in your face.


Face powder helps to set the foundation. It’s important to carry compact powder inside your hand bag, and apply once in a while. Compact powder touch provides you with long lasting makeup. With a large powder brush, apply loose translucent face powder. Make sure powder doesn’t settle on tiny wrinkles, eyes and eyebrows.

Mineral Makeup Tips

Mineral Makeup Tips


Blusher gives glow for your skin. Blushers have different shades such as rose, russet, coral, pink etc. Powder blushers tend to be more common. Powder blushers are not only simple to apply, but also blend quite naturally. In case your skin is pallid, you must avoid brown or orange tone.

Eyes and Eyebrows

You need to be very careful about your eyes and eyebrows. Lots of men find eyes the most attractive organs inside a woman’s body. Today it has become quite common for a lot of Asian women – mostly Chinese, Korean and Japanese – to choose eyelid surgery to give more define looks for their eyes.


Lipsticks come in different colors. Capability to choose the right color gives your entire face a define look. Before you decide to add color, outline your lips having a light lip liner. This helps you to define your lips. Apply lipstick after which blot the lips with tissue. Use little powder in your lips and again apply lipstick. This gives a longer lasting effect.


Knowing the right shade for the eyes is very important. Eye shadow can make you appear glamorous, innocent or decent. If you like to look glamorous, use glittery eye shadows. Eyeshadow helps recontour the eyes and add emphasis for them. Learn to experiment with colors and textures.

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