Makeup Tips for Green Eyes for a Glamorous Look

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Makeup Tips for Green Eyes for a Glamorous Look

Green eyes are beautiful and deserve to be enhanced. Here are some tips and tricks to make your green eyes more prominent.

Green eyes are rare, beautiful and should be enhanced. Green eyes are some of the most beautiful eyes on the planet, but finding the right makeup tips for green eyes is difficult! Soft and subtle makeup for pretty green eyes will help you achieve a sweet everyday look, or one this is a bit romantic. Your eyes are the most precious thing on everyone around you that should be highlighted but finding the best makeup tips for green eyes is not easy!

Green eyes are naturally beautiful only the way they are, but when you are looking at make up it is not that easy to locate an eye shadow colour that would perfectly match. Green sits on a different end of the color spectrum than blue does, and also, since it’s best to use colors or tones on the other side, this means that the ideal makeup tones are different. For those who have green eyes, try these makeup tips to bring out the very best in your eyes.

Apply foundation

Try to get a foundation that’s just a touch lighter than your regular skin tone. Just be sure it’s not noticeably too light. Smooth the foundation throughout your face. Then apply a loose or pressed powder in your regular skin tone.

Ditch the black eyeliner

Everybody loves black eyeliner but it isn’t the best choice for green-eyed women. Use chocolate brown or espresso liner for everyday wear. To spice things up, try plum or gold. To spread out up your eyes and make them pop, give a little white eyeliner to the inner corner close to the tear duct. If you absolutely have your heart set on black eyeliner, pick charcoal rather than true black.

Soft Copper

Dot a coppery eye pencil across the upper eyelid and smudge gently with your fingertip or eyeliner tool. Give a contour with a hint of green shadow, and highlight by gently sweeping a lighter, but complementary copper shade underneath the brow bone.

Avoid silver

If you want to experiment with metallics, avoid silver shades on the eyes. However, bronze, copper and gold look absolutely fabulous with green eyes for evening. Earthy brown or dark green eyeshadow with flecks of gold will also be terrific choices.

Try to avoid too strong colours

You eye colour is already very dominant so using maroon or pink can make it unreal and tiny bit exaggerate, totally opposite of the desired look. Whenever we talk about opposite try to get one of these colour spectrum circles and use the opposite colour from your eye colour. This will do the trick, at least for a beginning until your find your own perfect colour.

Makeup Tips for Green Eyes

Makeup Tips for Green Eyes

Experiment with Colours

With your beautiful green eyes you have to avoid silver eye shadows. If you want to experiment with colours you can. Try to use these metallic such as bronze, copper, gold, earthy browns or dark green eye shadows. These shades will absolutely look fabulous with your green eyes. Have some fun mixing these colours together. You may create a smoky, day, or evening look using these shades.

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