Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes

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Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes

Makeup tips for brown eyes are the easiest of all because you have a color that every cosmetic color goes with.

If you have are looking for eye makeup strategies for brown eyes, look no further. One good thing about brown eyes is they look good with just about any eye shadow color, from flight to dark. Depending on your shade of brown, there are specific colors that will complement your look much better than others.

Women with brown eyes can try all possible shades of eye makeup, and have fun with different colors. They can experiment with various eye makeups, and check out different makeup ideas. One of the most important steps when following eye makeup strategies for brown eyes is determining what shade of brown you’ve.

Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes

If you have deep brown eyes that can pass for black, ideally you need to go for eye makeup colors in the medium to dark selection of colors. Medium brown eyes look good with just about any color, especially green, while light brown eyes look great with colors such as light yellow that enhance the golden flecks. However, the following makeup tips could make the brown eyes look even more prominent and delightful.

Use eye shadows with shimmer

Whenever we use the word ‘shimmer’, don’t even of consider going berserk with glitz and shining powders for accentuating your brown eyes. Your can apply first the eye shadow of your liking and then just dab a small amount of basic neutral shimmer having a slim brush or your finger in your eyelid. This will be a great way to accentuate your brown eyes without which makes them look overdone.

Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes look wonderful with colors like mauve and champagne. Use shades of pink and brown to focus on your eyes. Girls with hazel eyes is going for colors slightly darker than their complexion.

Dark Brown Eyes

Girls lucky enough to have dark brown eyes can test out many colors as all shades match their eye color. However, they should stay away from dark colors as they will end up looking over the top. Blending dark colors with light colors can make your eyes look more dramatic and enhance their beauty. Good quality shades that complement the brown eyes include shades of pink, mauve, and brown, together with gold or rusty colors.

Light Brown Eyes

Light brown eyes could make an impact and can look very pretty. Use light colors like yellow as highlighters for the eyes. Don’t use dark colors all over your lids, just around the inner part above your lash line, or you can use different dark colors as eyeliners to enhance your eyes.

Brown Eyes Makeup Tips

Brown Eyes Makeup Tips

Medium Brown Eyes

Girls with medium brown eyes will go with shades of mauve, purple, violet and green. You may also express your earthy affiliate with shades of copper, gold and bronze. What about looking a little funky? Use a combination of different shades to give your eyes a trendy look.


Choosing the best eyeliner is a very important aspect of eye makeup. Girls with dark brown or medium brown eyes is going for black or dark brown eyeliner. Use dark brown eyeliner for daytime and black eyeliner with black mascara during the night. Girls with light brown eyes should avoid black eyeliner. Apply for dark brown instead. Hazel eyes look good with bronze, violet or dark brown eyeliner.

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