Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes That Makes You Look Great

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Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes That Makes You Look Great

If you were blessed naturally blue eyes, you would like to understand that makeup colors can enhance your color in order to form your eyes very stand out.

The right makeup should enhance the natural blue of your eyes, not overpower or deter in the color. Whether you are headed to operate or a special night out, follow these simple makeup tips for blue eyes. Makeup for blue eyes daily makeup that needs to be well chosen, is the work that people must stay within the requirement of formality, but additionally beautify and be very natural.

Within this case, blue-eyed girls, we must seize the pastels and lightweight colors such as gray, violet, and the liner ought to be in a soft brown tone ever, though some soft shades of blue will favor the dark blue eyes, and mascara should be black or brown to give emphasis towards the look.

Find out what the best makeup is to accentuate your blue eyes! There are particular colors of makeup to use on blue eyes to ensure they are stand out. Read about makeup tips for blue eyes here! Take it from the blue eyed girl herself, the right eyeliner and eyeshadow can truely enhance your natural beauty!

Put primer and use brush

Put primer on any underneath eye circles. It isn’t an awful plan to use it notwithstanding you don’t have underneath eye circles, because it can extremely brighten the planet around your eyes. Use apricot or pink blush. Simply put it on the apple of your cheeks and smile.

Pick the right eyeshadow

For that office, stick with eyeshadow in brown, rose, terracotta and neutral shades. Embrace the thought of purple eyeshadow to really accentuate the colour of your eyes. Lavender works for daytime, while deep plum is an excellent option for evening. For a special evening out, blue-eyed women also can try metallics (both gold and silver work well), turquoise and icy pink.

Eyeliner for smoky look

If you’re bored with mistreatment plain black eyeliner, switch some misconception by pairing a blue liner having a smudgy charcoal war paint. Darker blue tones may bring out the natural blue in your eyes. For evening, dark blue eyeliner is fabulous with blue eyes, particularly once combined with smudgy charcoal war paint. Strive smoky eye makeup mistreatment grayness or purple shadow. For blue eyes, select blue, gray, silver, violet or lavender. To get dark, blue combined with black might be a nice look. For eyeliner strive navy instead of black for a dramatic, however less intense look.


Black mascara is not nearly as damaging to your look as black eyeliner and thus it’s not considered a no-no. However, for those who have lighter skin tones you may want to consider brown mascara. Dark blue mascara can in fact be very flattering as well. The subtle blue tones around the eye make your blue eyes stand out.

Tone down your lips

Emphasize your gorgeous blue eyes, whether or not they are pale blue or deep sapphire, by toning down your lip color. Choose a matte lipstick in a peachy brown shade or perhaps a pale pink. Bright or dark lip color will require the focus off your peepers. For your cheeks, give a light sweep of blush in an exceedingly natural hue.

Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes

Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes

Winged liner

Cat eye or winged war paint appearance awe-inspiring with blue eyes. Winged liner puts all of the main focus on your baby blues, and appearance terrific in any shade from black with turquoise and violet to orange. A subtle, barely-winged look can function for everyday wear. Aside from special occasions, get dramatic with a thicker, and lots of exaggerated line.


Soft pinks goes best with blue eyes, especially if you are lighter skinned with cool undertones. Try peach, rose, or true red colors for darker skin with warm undertones. When choosing your red color, avoid purple-red colors such as mauve.


  1. Hello my beautiful blue eyed babes! Today I am going to share with you some tips and tricks for making those beautiful blue eyes POP! If you were blessed with naturally blue eyes, you want to know which makeup colors will enhance your color in order to make your eyes really stand out. These eye makeup tips for blue eyes will help you with everything from choosing the right color to finding the right lipstick to match. For an everyday office look, eye shadow colors in brown, rose, lavender and neutral shades tend to work well with blue eyes, but for a more dramatic date night look, you can use metallic in silver and gold……

  2. Do you have blue eyes that you are looking for blue eye makeup tips for? Well ladies, I’ve got all of the blue eye makeup tips to really make your eyes pop and bring out all of the blue hues you have! Blue eyes are super versatile and you can really wear any type of eyeshadow, but ladies, if you’re looking to really make your blues pop, I’ve got the blue eye makeup tips for you!

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