How to Choose the Right Face Moisturizer

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How to Choose the Right Face Moisturizer

Choosing a moisturizer can be quite a daunting task. In this article follow the guidelines below to choose the right type of moisturizer for your skin.

Facial moisturiser is an essential component for your daily skin care regimen. We are not alone to say that. Even dermatologists around the world recommend using moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated for long. Though, finding perfect face moisturiser can be quite overwhelming at times, especially, when you are spoilt for choice. Numerous brands competing with varied price tags and varieties like lotions, creams, ointment, etc. all give you tough time choosing the right one.

What should you look for?

Moisturizers without SPF- Moisturizers for skin, which is prone to acne, should be heavier and emollient co that they don’t lead to clogging of pores. It is highly recommended not use creams on acne prone skin because they have fats and oils. Gels or lighter lotions can prove to be better option rather. Jojoba oil is overwhelmingly welcome ingredient when it comes to moisturizers as it also works as a natural healer for the acne prone skin.

Exfoliating ingredients like salicylic and alpha hydroxyl acids are helpful in healing comedonal acne because they increase cell turnover. Facial skin is a little sensitive as compared to the rest of the body. So, opt for the moisturizer meant especially for face. Make sure that the moisturizer you are choosing is labeled as non-comedogenic.

Moisturizer with SPF- Unlike the sport sunscreens, these moisturizers are not water proof. They can only provide protection from casual exposures to sun. They contain fewer quantities of photo stable active ingredients. Always look for a spy rating that suits the photosensitivity level of your skin. Overall, it is worth spending in these triple action products.

Determine the Skin Type

There are four types of skin namely oily, sensitive, dry, and normal and a thorough understanding of your skin type can help you choose the right moisturizer. The skin type becomes evident on waking up in the morning and before the application of any skin care products.

Sun Protection

The constituents of SPF in the moisturizer induce deterrent effect upon aging and skin cancer. SPF 15 shares a commonality of formulation among a number of moisturizers and lays a protective coverage to sun exposure. The higher SPF formulation in the moisturizer is meant for the persons who stay outdoors for a large part of the day and thereby draw the vulnerability to the risk of cancer.

Harmful Ingredients

While reading the label of a moisturizer, it is equally important to check whether it contains any skin-harming ingredient or not. There is a whole bunch of chemical compounds that are used in synthetic moisturizers deliberately, thereby causing irritation or severe damages to the skin. Hence, make sure that the product sorted by you doesn’t comprise fragrance or perfume, alcohol, acidic compounds, retinol etc.

Texture and Feel

Perfect Face Moisturiser

Perfect Face Moisturiser

Now, it’s time to consider the texture as well as feel of the moisturizer. It should neither be too heavy nor too light in consistency. The texture must be silky smooth instead of greasy or sticky. These will ensure that the product glides on the skin and penetrates it easily. Moreover, it will induce absolutely the right amount of moisture in the skin cells.

Prefer the Face Cream with Sunscreen

For healthy, younger looking, and glowing skin, you need to protect it from harsh UV rays of the sun. So prefer sunscreenf content in your facial moisturiser. At least, choose SPF 30 or above for this purpose. There are many brands offering this combination at reasonable prices at the supermarkets near you.

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