How to Apply Makeup On Dark Skinned Women

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How to Apply Makeup On Dark Skinned Women

Dark women are extremely gorgeous and with perfect makeup. Here are some tips for dark skinned women to perform makeup flawlessly, which will make them look their best.

Dark skinned color is something very attractive and it is true on many different instances but people often think that they should provide and implement some sort of makeup on their face which will look good.

Choosing the right makeup for the right skin tone can be extremely challenging task, especially if you are dark and picking up stuff for yourself. Makeup colors and tone vary drastically from one skin tone to other and one should never copy other’s colors as the difference in skin tone will bring out the disastrous results. Out of all the skin tones, it is really challenging to perform makeup on dark beauties as one has to be very particular in choosing the right shades and tones of foundations and shadows to do it. So, here are a few tips for dark skinned women to perform makeup flawlessly, which will make them look their best.


In case of a woman with darker skin she may complain of having an uneven skin quality. Making use of a standard foundation will help in creating an even effect on the skin tone. It may be so that the colour of your skin is such that you are not being able to pick the right one. In this case a bit of blending of two different shades can do the wonder. First, make use of moisturizer to make the skin feel soft. A moisturized skin will help the foundation get smooth over the skin.

Blush Your Cheeks

It is not always nice to have dark blushing cheeks. You would appear somewhat awkward. However, on special events, you can use blushers and the effect would be fantastic in case you have wonderful make up sense. Make use of blush colours like deep orange, wine or coral. These are colours to help the skin retain decency.


When it comes to highlighting lips, dark skin beauties should stay away from bright colors as that will look too waggish. Instead, they should opt for earthy colors, like tones of yellows and browns, which will make them stand out beautifully.

Eyebrows and Eyes

Eyes are one of the key features in women with which, they can play really well. Dark skinned women should always highlight their eyes with a liner and should accentuate the appearance of brows by using a brown pencil if they are too light, or by simply keeping them in shape always.

Heightening Your Glance

A dark skinned woman should have a well eye defining. However, do not take to wearing lots of eye shades. A golden eye shade would do best in the day. And for nocturnal parties dress your eyes with perfect shades of copper, green, purple and the rest.

Makeup Tips for Dark Skinned Women

Makeup Tips for Dark Skinned Women

Lip liner

Those having dark complexion can use lip liner to play with their natural mouth shape. It is better to apply gray or brown lipliner for daily use. To make lips look fuller, use a lip liner to draw just outside the natural shape of your lips. On the other hand to make lips appear less full, use a darker lip liner in a neutral tone to line just inside the natural lip line.

Eye Shadow

While applying eye makeup, it is better to avoid light, powdery and bright colored eye shadow. It is recommended to use eye shadow in dark browns, green, purple, copper, prunes and burgundy shades. Gold eye shadow colors will also look good on dark skin tone but silvery eye shadow must be avoided. Choose an eye shadow of your choice and dust it over your eyelid with an appropriate makeup brush. You can blend a dark eye shadow color into your crease to create a smoky eye look.

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