Hooded Eyes Makeup: Tips to Emphasize Your Eyes on Total Beauty

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Hooded Eyes Makeup: Tips to Emphasize Your Eyes on Total Beauty

Using the correct eye makeup tecniques for hooded eyes will make them appear more open.

Hooded eyes can be as beautiful as any other set of eyes, exactly that you need to get your makeup right. The application techniques that actually work for other eyes, do not work for this type of eyes; therefore, all you got to do is stick to the steps mentioned below, and let your eyes do all of the talking. The eye makeup for hooded eyes you don’t would really like any bound colors to create your eyes seem additional natural.

Hooded eyes refer to eye type whose upper eyelids are completely hidden or almost completely through the upper eye part especially when your eyes are open. This creates a hood like look on your eyes hence the name.

The key to conveyance hooded eyes into focus is simply to feature lightweight and somewhat little bit of an increase. It’s potential to create your eyes stand get in all the correct ways by which. You are sure a treat.

Capitalize on Your Eye Space

One smart move towards enhancing your hooded eyes is to maximize the space that your eyes hold. Get your eyes plucked, and don’t forget to get them sculpted according to your face shape. When you have a larger eye space, your whole face brightens up!

Maximize Your Eye Space

Simply because you have hooded eyes, doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of your eye space! Ladies, you would like to maximize the space that you have. Pluck your eyebrows, make sure that you’ve them sculpted to your face. Trust me girls, if you have more eye space to work with, your entire face will brighten up!

Don’t Ignore the Lower Lids

Don’t overlook your lower lids when your eyes are hooded. You actually got to line the lower lid of your eye, and even add some shadow. This helps to create emphasis to your eyes, besides adding some dimension to them.

Highlighting Your Eyes

Use some white eye shadow across the corners of the eyes, so that they appear more awake and open. Highlighting is crucial when it comes to enlarging the hooded eyes.


This is the slightly tricky part. Applying it too close to the line will make your eyes appear smaller. A fine substitution is to line top of the waterline as this gives you more lid space.

Hooded Eyes Makeup

Hooded Eyes Makeup

Use Upward Strokes

Remember to start upwards since you wouldn’t want to drag your features down. Eye shadow, blush and powder should be used in an upward fashion, as this is going to brighten up your face and make them more defined.

Picking Shades for Your Highlights and Eye Shadows

Avoid choosing dark shades for your shadow because they make the lids look heavier, and your eyes small and , closed. Instead use fun, light textures which will accentuate your features instead of bringing them down.



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