Eyeshadow Basics That Will Change Your Beauty Life

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Eyeshadow Basics That Will Change Your Beauty Life

Eyeshadows can brighten up your eyes in the best possible way. Explore the different ways of wearing eyeshadow in this article.

When it comes to makeup, eye makeup is an important part. There are many different styles and products that are used to apply your eye makeup and eye shadow is the most important one. They come in different forms like matte look, glossy, cream base, talc base and shimmery ones. Each one has its own importance and needs to be applied on a specific area of your eyelid.

Without applying an eye shadow, your eye makeup is incomplete. It lends your face a refreshing and elegant look. You must learn to use the vast amount of products and techniques to your advantage. There are some many ways that the eyes can be made to look great with some eyeshadow.

Interesting Eyeshadow Ideas:

Eyeshadow with light color

Select a light, shimmery shade slightly lighter than your natural skin color. Apply this color from lash to brow, concentrating on the area just below your eyebrow to add a natural highlight. A slightly shimmery white or light nude color works perfect for this.

Eyeshadow with One Color

If you are going in for a neutral, not-so-jazzy look, keep it simple and subtle by using only one shade of eyeshadow. This look would be apt for office or a study institute. Use an eyeshadow primer or dab on some loose powder to maintain the look till the end of your day. A single color is perfect for those who are new to eye makeup, and also for those who do not like to experiment.

Eyeshadow with Two Colors

If you want a more defined look, use two colors. You can choose any one color (preferably a light color) and apply that to your eyelid. The second color (can be a darker shade of the first color or a contrast color) should be applied to the crease of your eye. This gives your crease a more hollow look. You can apply this in a winged shape to make your eyes look curvy.

Eyeshadow with Three or More Colors

Using three colors can be a little tricky. Pick your shades or contrast colors, well. Also be careful of the shape you wear your eyeshadow in, as the shape completely changes the overall look of your face. The magic of being perfect at using three or more colors is, choosing your colors correctly and blending them very well. You need to use a soft dome brush for blending.

Apply a coordinating shade

On your lids, use a medium shade coordinated to your eyes. Blue-eyed babes should use chocolate brown bronze shades, green-eyed girls should stick to hues of purple and brown-eyed beauties can use any metallic shades or deep blues. These complementary colors help your eyes pop.

Black Shade

It will give you an elegant look. Apply plain black eye shadow and add a tint of silver sparkles. After applying this you don’t need any other eye makeup.

Shimmery Eyeshadow

Shimmery colors usually go best with black or white complementary colors. If you have a wedding to attend or an evening party on your agenda, this gorgeous look is exactly what you need.

Blue and Green

Blue and Green Eyeshadow

Blue and Green Eyeshadow

Like black and white, blue and green have their own individual importance in the eyeshadow family. Different shades of the mono-color (blue or green) can be used to match almost all the colors you wear. Both the colors can be matched with either black, white or both. Otherwise, they can be used with other contrast colors too.

Essential Eyeshadow Tips

  • Matte powder eyeshadows in an array of neutral tones from light to dark are your best bets for a classic, sophisticated eye design that accents the shape and color of your eyes.
  • Adding shine is best for the brow bone only, especially if you have wrinkles around the eye or your eyelid skin is less than taut. There are many good powder eyeshadows that impart a soft, subtle shine to highlight this area.
    Unless you’re using just one eyeshadow color, use at least two eyeshadow brushes for application.
  • Prep the eyelid and under-brow area with a matte-finish concealer, foundation, and/or powder before applying eyeshadow. This ensures a smooth, even application and (if you have fair to medium skin) will also neutralize the red and blue coloration of the eyelid.
  • Tap off any excess eyeshadow from your brush before applying. This prevents over-application and minimize flaking eyeshadow.
  • If you really want to make the color of your eyes pop, choose a contrasting color in a soft tone and apply this to the lids. Blue eyes come alive with pale peach or cantaloupe hues, green eyes seem richer with light bronze or caramel tones, hazel eyes become more alluring with chestnut and golden brown shades, and brown eyes are nicely accented by almost all neutral tones.

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