Expert Wedding Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes

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Expert Wedding Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes

Eye makeup should cause you to appear radiant and beautiful inside your wedding makup tips for For Blue Eyes.

If you are one of the rare 10% of the population that was blessed with blue eyes, then you definitely want to make sure you flaunt them on your big day! The rights eye shadow color, mascara, and liner can really make your blues eyes look stunning. If you are unsure of the right wedding makeup tips for your blue eyes, then you’ve come to the right place.

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Black eyeliner is one thing you should always avoid for those who have blue eyes and blond hair, since it makes the contrast too strong. Brown or gray eyeliner is usually recommended instead. There are many subcategories to select from within this group. For instance, you can use taupe, chocolate brown or light brown eyeliner. Many of these will call focus on your blue eyes and match your hair color too, making you stand out.

Lashes and Liner

Many blue-eyed brides instantly reach for the black mascara because it adds drama, but if you want to make your blue eyes pop you’ll want to use a brown mascara instead of the black. The brown color contrasts the hues of your eyes, and as we have mentioned, this contrast makes the color stand out. Waterproof mascara is a must on such an important day and you want to make sure it remains smudge-proof as well. If it is one thing that will take away from your dazzling blues, it is streaks of mascara running from your eyes.

Base Makeup

Like a blue-eyed blond, it is important to choose the best base makeup tips and concealer for the fair skin. To that particular end, a yellow concealer will effectively hide circles beneath your eyes and suit your light complexion. Foundation could be a bit more varied. The building blocks you use is dependent on how fair the skin is, and what type of undertones it possesses. However, knowing your undertones, match your foundation together with your complexion. For example, in case your fair skin includes a pinkish hue into it, apply a pink foundation.

Base Makeup for blue eye

Base Makeup for blue eye


When you use a contrasting eye shadow color like bronze, tan or brown hues, you really let your blue eyes stand out. Keep the color the strongest along the lash line and then fade it as you move outward towards the crease of the eyelid. If you are daring enough, use an orange color palate. Avoid using the traditional black Smoky eye combos as this can overshadow the stunning color of your eyes.


Since blond hair and blue eyes fall under a light category, your lipstick also needs to reflect this attribute. In this instance, very light colors, for example beige and pink, fit well with blue eyes. Another options include mauve, plum and reddish-brown. Avoid strong colors, like red, because this does not contrast well with your fair features.


One way to instantly give your eyes a wide and dazzling display is to define your eyebrows. You will want to choose a color that is close to your natural hair color. Use a brow pencil to define your brows and then use a powder to fill them. Your eyebrows will help frame your eyes and can instantly pull the focus to them. If you need to give your eyebrows a cleanup, you want to make sure you tweeze them or have them professionally done a day or two before your wedding day.

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