Brown Eyes Makeup Tips: Everything You Need To Know

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Brown Eyes Makeup Tips: Everything You Need To Know

For all those brown eyed women out there, we round up the best makeup tips and colours to enhance your eyes.

Brown eyes are one of the most beautiful eyes in shaded or colored eyes since it is very easy to make them look much more perfect and beautiful, these kinds of eyes are beautiful naturally which is even much easier to make them much more beautiful too.

Brown eyes are unique in that they don’t have an opposite hue on the color wheel. Nor have they got a complementary color per se, though they often contain accents of colors beside brown. Because brown is really a combination of other colors, you can use accents throughout the spectrum in your makeup.

Makeup tips for brown eyes almost always concentrate on dramatic eye makeup looks but it’s also easy to produce visual interest with a natural look. Browns are usually naturally deeper in color and because of that you could wear the darker colors that other women need to pass on. If you have any discoloration make sure to use a cosmetics concealer. There are certain tips and tricks for doing makeup for brown-eyed people which will bring out the best in their eyes and faces.

For light brown eyes

Avoid black eyeliner, for those who have light brown eyes, and use dark brown or other colors instead. Apply a neutral shade of shadow on the lid, a darker hue of the same color within the crease, and then line your eyes in gold or green to reflect the flecks of color in your iris. If your eyes are extremely light they are hazel, try Champagne tones with violet, bronze or brown liner to define the eye.

For medium brown eyes

Medium to light brown eyes can try green, violet or bronze colored eye shadows. You undoubtedly can wear almost any color of eye makeup for those who have medium brown eyes. A purple or green eyeshadow palette can function equally well for daytime. Experiment by pairing neutral shadow with metallic eyeliner in copper or bronze for evening.

Brown Eyes Makeup Tips

Brown Eyes Makeup Tips

For deep brown eyes

If your eyes are dark brown, medium to dark shades of eyeshadow works for you. Try plum, forest green or charcoal gray. Browse the flecks of lighter color in your eyes and use those hues to pick your eyeliner color. For darker brown eyes, also try dark browns or mauves. Gold and bronze can also be beautiful on dark brown eyes.

Mix things up

Because dark colors can minimize the feel of your eyes, you don’t want to use too dark of eye makeup with brown eyes. Mix things up by combining dark brown eyeliner with light eyeshadow to place the focus on your eyes, making them look big and bright.

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