Beauty Tips To Apply Mineral Makeup Foundation

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Beauty Tips To Apply Mineral Makeup Foundation

Mineral Foundation is truly an amazing concept in makeup and it may take a few tries to get it right.

Mineral makeup is truly nothing more than loose or pressed powder. It’s not revolutionary, safer, or unique in any meaningful way. By any name, technically speaking, mineral makeup is simply a type of powder foundation. If you apply a light layer it serves like a finishing powder. Apply a little more and it works a lot more like foundation providing light to full coverage. Mineral makeup isn’t a must-have product, but rather a marketing contrivance. Mineral make-up doesn’t retain the chemicals that cause some people to break out, or aggravate sensitive skin conditions.

It once came only as loose powder foundation. Now, you’ll find mineral products in all forms of foundation, such as cream, liquid, and powder, as well as lipsticks, lip glosses, blush, bronzer, as well as eye shadows, too. Loose powder still seems to be the product preferred by mineral powder foundation.

There’s a trick to applying this type of foundation, however it can look natural if done right.

Use under a foundation spray

Many mineral powders provide an optional spray to set your foundation. This is a great way to keep your foundation looking natural and lasting well all day. Don’t spray too closely to your face or you may cause the makeup to run.

Prep your skin

Any makeup goes on better when skin is freshly cleansed and moisturized, especially if your skin is dry. Allow moisturizer to soak up completely, and if you have oily skin, use a foundation primer. Use mineral makeup concealer or foundation to minimize dark under-eye circles, redness around the nose, and any blemishes before applying foundation.

Moisturize your face beforehand

The mineral powder adheres towards the natural oil of your skin, and if your face is too dry, the powder could end up looking like just that – powder. Apply lotion and wait 10 minutes, like a face too oily would melt the make-up. Trial and error may be needed to find the perfect balance.

Apply in a well-ventilated area

Be certain that you’re applying this product in a well-ventilated area. Loose powder, especially brands containing talc, can be irritating towards the lungs. Try not to shake an excessive amount of product into the air, and keep in mind that it could fall onto your clothes or nearby counters or sinks.

Don’t apply too frequently

One of the biggest mistakes women make with mineral powder is applying to a lot of times during the day. While it naturally helps control shine, some women still find they get shiny in the afternoon. Use cotton blotting papers before applying more mineral foundation. Otherwise, you might end up with a messy, muddy cake of makeup sticking with your face.

Remove the clear sticker

Remove the clear sticker off the foundation shaker top, turn the jar inverted, and tap a few times, that will dispense a controlled amount of foundation in to the lid of the jar or onto a tissue. Then, utilizing an applicator of your choice apply makeup. In virtually no time you’ll determine exactly how much you need.

Use over a mineral foundation primer

Foundation primer can help minimize the look of pores, even out your skin texture, which help your makeup stay on longer. This is typically in the type of a liquid; allow it to dry before applying your powder.

Apply Mineral Makeup Foundation

Apply Mineral Makeup Foundation

Go for the finish

If you are using a mineral powder concealer, now’s the time to apply it. And when you need more coverage in certain areas, you may also dip a flat concealer brush into your mineral foundation powder, tap from the excess, and press what’s left into position wherever you need it. If you’ve got oily skin and therefore are looking for a matte finish, you may want to consider applying a mineral finishing powder, as well. Use light, circular motions using the brush for a pore-less, natural matte effect. It fixes the foundation and concealer in place and helps it stay on longer. Apply the rest of your makeup as usual.

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