Attractive Nail Art Designs For Beginners

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Attractive Nail Art Designs For Beginners

Decorating hand nails and foot nails with nail polish is known as Nail art and it is popular all over the world.

Nail art is one of our favorite things at the moment. Many of us admire nail art designs but are scared to get it done on our own nails because we think it is a complex art. But developing a nail art design is simpler than you thought however it needs patience and practice. You can test out different types of nail arts. Some nail polishes itself include such uniqueness that they can give your nails a nail art in just one swipe.

With these cute yet easy nail art designs, you are able to express your personality and style while exercising your creativity. There are so many simple and easy to complete nail designs that you can apply to your nails. No need to visit a private salon just to have one. Why can you if you can apply your own nail arts? Go easy on yourself and begin with these easy nail art designs for beginners.

Water Decals/Nail Stickers/Nail Wraps:

There are many ready to use nail art designs available in market like Water decals, Nail stickers and full nail wraps. Instructions for applying these are generally mentioned on them and therefore are quite easy for beginners.

Dotting Manicure:

It’s the easiest and let’s say initial step towards free hand nail art design. Dots look simple and elegant. You can begin by drawing dots on your nails to make flowers.

Polka Dots:

Dots would be the easiest to do. You can do white dots on basics coat of red, or on white do rainbow-colored dots. Or you can paint different sizes of dots with one single color. That you can do something similar to the picture on left. On basics coat of a bright color, use a contrasting color and make dots.


If you can’t paint or posess zero nail polish pen, then find mini stickers of stars, or glow at nighttime shape stickers. Then on basics coat stick these mini stickers and revel in instant nail art. There are many nail paint bottles available which has some stars and other shapes within the paint itself. So, all you need to do is paint your nails by using it, and you can have cool sparkly shapes on your nail.


You may also try out cool shapes nail art ideas. On basics coat of light color, paint different shapes on each individual nail. You are able to draw circles, stars, triangles, squares, etc. You can observe in the picture above, how random shapes like anchor, beach, glass, etc. have been painted.

Water Decal Designer Nail Art:

These nails can be made out of water decals of the above pattern on to white base paint. You must finish this design having a good top coat application otherwise your whole effort is going to be wasted in a short time.


You can also paint cute small flowers on basics coat of your choice. The flowers can be of the contrast looking single color of different colors. Within the picture above simple white flowers with yellow center have been painted. Following the whole design is done, a clear nail polish has been put on protect the nail art and give it a glossy effect.

Nail Art Designs For Beginners

Nail Art Designs For Beginners


You can also do some cool spiral designs on your nails. Within the picture above on a teal base coat, white color spirals are painted. The ends of the spiral are through with three petal flower with a black core. You are able to choose your own colors to create different spiral nail art designs. Some good color combinations are sunshine yellow base coat with white spirals and dark blue base coat with red spirals.

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