7 Makeup Tips to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

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7 Makeup Tips to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

One of the most common tips for putting on makeup is to highlight just one area of your face. If you want your eyes to be noticed then remember not to highlight the lips too much.

A bigger and beautiful eyes compliments your facial beauty. You will look more appealing and gorgeous if you have bigger eyes. Makeup artists also focus more on your eyes when doing makeup as they are the most attractive part of your face. There are many makeup tips that will make your eyes look bigger and attractive. You can try these tips at home while applying eye makeup. These tips are simple and they will enhance the beauty of your precious eyes.

Here are some clever makeup tricks that can be tried to make your eyes look bigger. Bigger and well-shaped eyes look fantastic and pops-out with perfection.

Here are some easy tips to make your eyes look bigger:

Apply Primer

Apply primer to your eyes (base layer). Cover the entire eyelid. This will smooth your eye lid and prepare it in order to apply eye shadow. A primer also avoids creasing along the fine lines of your small eyes. Creasing can make your eye shadow look darkened and messy.

Curl Eyelashes

This is another makeup trick that can make the eyes look bigger. Curling the lashes will shape them and also make the eyes look bigger and sharp. Just add a little thickness to make them look all the more attractive. If you want, you can use stick on eyelashes. Make sure you do not touch the lower eyelashes. Just thicken and curl the upper eyelash.

Blended Eyeliner

If you like wearing eye liner, make sure it’s properly blended. Leaving you eye liner un-blended creates a very harsh look and make your eyes appear smaller. Use a soft brown colour and blend it very close to your eyelashes, you can extend the liner by blending and this will create an illusion of bigger eyes.

White/nude pencil

For your water line, apply a nude (Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Eye Liner – Nude) or white pencil. A light coloured pencil will give an effect of bigger eyes. Take the same pencil and highlight the inner corner of your eye. You can also apply a white shimmery eye shadow on the inner corner to brighten your eyes.

Use An Eye Mask

A good eye mask will depuff your eyes and allow them to open wide and be big, bright and beautiful. Anatomicals do a good range of masks and gels you can put in the fridge and rest on your face for a couple of minutes that work wonders.

Clever Eyeshadow

Ways to Make Eyes Look Bigger

Ways to Make Eyes Look Bigger

Dust a little bit of eyeshadow in the inner corner of your eyes, it’ll give them a larger, brighter look and is a really quick way to have sultry looking eyes. You can also put a line of glittery eyeshadow under your waterline to open your eyes up. I use the shade ‘Stand Offish’ from The Balm’s Nude ‘Tude palette, which is quite pricey but a beautiful Urban Decay Naked duplicate. You can always use a similar pinkish shade, or even silver or gold just stay away from dark colours.

Use Volume Mascara

Everyone knows that use of mascara can make the eyes appear bigger. However, right application of mascara can give better results. Use a soft kohl pencil on your eyes, before applying mascara. Then apply a volume mascara to define the look of your eyes. Volume mascara can help to make your eyes appear bigger, and it makes a considerable difference in eyelashes. You also have an option of using plain mascara for perfect results.

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