6 Ways To Apply Green Eyes Makeup

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6 Ways To Apply Green Eyes Makeup

Soft and subtle makeup for pretty green eyes can help you achieve a sweet everyday look, or one that's a bit romantic.

Green eyes are rare, beautiful and deserve to be enhanced. The idea of perfect makeup would be to bring out your natural beauty and sensuality that’s why you should know basic application techniques that may help you to emphasize your best features and also at the same time hide your little faults. Experiment with the tips and techniques given here to find out firsthand which ones personally work to make your green eyes appear much more stunning, whether you were born together or wear colored contact lenses.

This information is devoted to ladies with green eyes, if you have green eyes and you want to enhance your natural beauty, check the following eye makeup tips for green eyes and practice your application skills to produce seductive look. Through understanding how you can apply makeup that enhances green eyes, you’ll soon perform your way to making the most of your emerald sparklers.

Start With A Primer

Doing a bit of preparation work might help your makeup go on smoother and stop it from smudging and your eyes aren’t any exception to this rule. Prepare your eyelids by having an eyelid primer, and it will stop the oils from your skin making the eye makeup smudge making it last longer.

Consider Switching Your Shadow For Liner

Our favorite way to dip your toe in the colorful makeup pool would be to use an eyeliner. Do your makeup as usual and give a swipe of green liner to the top and below in the base of the lash line. Whenever you blink, everyone will get a pleasant unexpected color.

Apply Foundation

Try to get a foundation that’s just a touch lighter than your regular skin tone. Just be sure it’s not noticeably too light. Smooth the foundation throughout your face. Then apply a loose or pressed powder in your regular skin tone.

Soft Copper

Dot a coppery eye pencil across the upper eyelid and smudge gently with your fingertip or eyeliner tool. Give a contour with a hint of green shadow, and highlight by gently sweeping a lighter, but complementary copper shade below the brow bone.

Green Eyes Makeup

Green Eyes Makeup

Pretty and Bright

Use a cream or white liner on the inner part of the lower lid along with a pale teal or purple-based shadow in the crease for brighter green eyes. Add a touch of colored shadow across the top lash line to lightly define the eyes. Use an indication of white shadow below the brown bone as well as in the corner of the eye and blend the crease shade well.

Mascara for Pretty Green Eyes

Even using mascara alone with green eyes look stunning. Unless you have dark hair, you might want to stay away from dark black mascara. Go for those with a copper, purple, or green undertone to attract attention to your gorgeous eyes.

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