5 Easy Ways to Curl Your Hair At Home

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5 Easy Ways to Curl Your Hair At Home

These simple techniques, you can get to enjoy natural curls with zero damage to your hair, minus the heating appliances.

Everyone likes to have a virtual facelift with new hairstyles and with new makeup trends. If you have thin straight hair and can’t figure out what to do with your hair today or next week all you have to do is curl your hair for an instant facelift.

Curly hair is actually easier to handle than straight hair. Moreover curly hair is enviable; statement making and eye catching that can never go out of fashion. If your hair is limp adding curls to them can add some volume to your bad hair. If you are looking for a feminine look then curls can do the trick.

Tips To Curl Your Hair:

Heat treatments such as rollers, dryers and curlers can damage your hair. They can make your hair dry and cause hair loss. Chemical products can also damage your hair. Here are some natural ways to get those curls, without using appliances or chemicals that can damage your hair.


How to curl hair naturally? Braiding is the easiest way to curl your hair. If you want small tight curls, take small sections of hair and make some multiple braids on your wet hair. Keep it overnight. Unfold the braids to get spiral curls. This is one of the best ways to curl hair naturally.

Using Head Band

The hair must be damp. Wrap your hair around a soft elastic headband. Wrap all the sections of your hair around the headband and use hairpins to pin the ends in place. Continue the process until all your hair has been wrapped around the headband. Keep it overnight and unfold in morning.

Velcro Rollers

On wet hair, roll these Velcro rollers in several sections of your hair. Once all the Velcro rollers are set, blow dry these for a couple of minutes. Remove the Velcro rollers and watch your hair fall into bouncy curls that are to die for.

Making A Tight Bun

Simple Ways to Curl Your Hair

Simple Ways to Curl Your Hair

Another Easy way to create curls is tying your hair high up in a bun. Pull all your hair up to the crown. Twist the hair, wrap it up and tie it in a bun at the crown. Tie it up with elastic or pins. Keep it overnight. Open the bun to get lovely loose waves on your hair.

Plastic or Rubber rollers

Using rollers is one of the best natural hair curling methods. Comb dampen hair to free it of any knots. Separate hair in sections depending on the type of curls you want. Take each section and start rolling with the rollers. Secure tight with a clip. Blow dry for 5 minutes. Keep the rollers for 15 minutes and then open to find nice curls.

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